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Hello Lancashire We are trying to move the newsletter format forward in response to suggestions from out there - great input keep it coming! A request was to include a more light-hearted side the newsletter and to encourage contribution from the younger end of the profession (not me then!) I will continue to report the headline stuff but it would be great to have some copy from our younger members of the team - it does not have to be about dentistry - suggestions have been around sponsored bike rides/events/amusing stories etc. Please feel free to email me anything you wish and we will include it in the newsletter and onto the website Also we are more than happy to receive input around clinical ideas courses etc so again feel free to let me know - email is and so to the headline stuff 1. We have now confirmed LDC Exec representation on key Networks and Groups across the new Local Area Team - to put names to places Performer screening group ( screens potential problems issues with practitioners) - Mike Cheadle (Coastal) Performers list decision group (considers action following screening) - Mike Jolly (Central), John Edwards (Coastal) Routine Care Network - Phil Gale (East) Local Dental Network - Andy Cow (Central), Ralph Pickup (East) and Bernard Alston (Coastal) 2. LDN (Local Dental Network) Chair - this went out to advert last week with a very short turnaround. We did raise this issue with the Team at the Liaison but it seems the need to get things in place took priority. Hopefully we will get a suitable wet fingered dentist to fulfil what is required whilst embracing the spirit of the profession 3. Occupational Health Services - work has been ongoing to secure these services for the future and it has now been confirmed that Blackpool will co-ordinate a service across the county as an interim measure whilst a more permanent solution is put into place. Only workplace health related issues will be covered though not induction processes. Work is also ongoing with respect to access to PEP following needlestick and all A&E depts across the county will to provide a standardised service. 4. MOSS (Minor Oral Surgery Service/Tier 2)- already up and running in Blackpool/N Lancs but the East Lancs model will be rolled out across the county with November 13 being the hopeful start date - more news will follow as it comes through but it is essential that those dentists already providing this service in Blackpool/N Lancs are kept fully informed of the process - please feel free to email me any questions you have around MOSS 5. New Contract 2015 - as you will recall we mentioned previously that this would be a standing item on the Liaison agenda and we need to keep an eye on what is developing. I did raise at the liaison, under "Questions from the profession", the issue of the situation regarding goodwill of practices within the new contract due to the money following the patient and not within a permanent contractual arrangement. This is a vital issue for us as a profession and we need to ensure we do everything to secure the profitability of dental practices into the future. 6. At the invitation of the Local Area Team, all the Lancs LDC Exec are attending an all day event around the future of NHS Dentistry, which includes Barry Cockcroft as the main speaker - I will feedback after this event on 31st July That's all for now folks Upwards and onwards Bernard

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