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About Us

Local Dental Committees are here to protect dental businesses and the interests of dentists.

What is the LDC?

The Lancashire & South Cumbria (LASC) Local Dental Committee (LDC) Is a body of locally elected general dental practitioners who work on behalf of dentists across Lancashire and South Cumbria. There is a summary of our work below, and much more information across the pages of this site. The committee is a federation of three Local Dental Committees, and was formed to mirror the NHS commissioning area of Lancashire & South Cumbria; it mirrors the area of the ICS - Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria.


The three local committees are;

Central Lancashire LDC 

East Lancashire LDC 

Coastal LDC - Lancashire & South Cumbria



What is the Levy, and how much is it?

The work of the committee is funded by a Statutory Levy. Due to the way the NHS’s  Business Services Authority (BSA) needs to action levy collection it is necessary to deduct a levy uniformly across Lancashire and South Cumbria. 


The BDA have worked with LDCs and NHS England to set up these arrangements. The levy is statutory for Contract holders with a GDS contract (what happens with individual performers in each practice is down to Contract holders / providers’ in-house contractual arrangements).


The Statutory Levy is compulsory and not subject to an opt-out option


We try to keep the levy as low as possible; it is currently 0.13% of the contract value. This is a lower level than other LDCs in the northwest region, for example the average is 0.2% in Cheshire and Merseyside, and we strive to run our LDCs as efficiently as we can to keep your individual levy costs as low as possible.


What does the LDC do?

The function of the Committee is to – 


(a) represent the interests of:  


(i) every dental practitioner/dental care professional who under a general dental services contract entered into by them is providing services in the area for which the committee is formed); and

(ii) every other dental practitioner who is performing primary dental services in the area for which the committee is formed for whom a levy is paid and

(iii) any wholly private dental practitioner for whom a levy is normally paid.


(b) promote and support the NHS interests of eligible practitioners and liaise with the Commissioning Board in respect of those interests. 


(c) these functions include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Providing individual support to eligible practitioners in issues regarding their NHS contract or NHS work

  • Providing advice to the NHS Commissioning Board

  • Helping eligible practitioners to seek compliance with regulatory requirements; this includes representing the profession in meetings with the GDC and CQC.

  • Participating in NHS England performance management programmes 

  • Organising and supporting a Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme 

  • Providing relevant information, education, training and CPD to eligible practitioners and undertaking consultations

  • Support dental charities which are of benefit to eligible practitioners

  • Liaising with the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee and providing support for national negotiations and representation

  • Supporting the Annual Conference of Local Dental Committees and sending delegates to other national and local meetings of LDCs. 



Through the Levy, the LDC provides reimbursement for local Dentists who take time away from their practices and patients. This is at ‘British Dental Guild’ rates which are set by the BDA.


Please have a look through the website to see the work we do, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Exec statement 2022
The Lancashire LDC Executive


Central Lancashire:  David Tsang / Bruce Porteous

Lancashire Coastal: John Edwards / Mike Cheadle / Bernard Alston

East Lancashire:  Ralph Pickup / Andy Harvey / Noel Bowen

Chair: John Edwards

Vice-Chair: Andy Harvey

Secretary: Bernard Alston

Operation & Technology Lead: Stuart Johnson
Communication & Engagement Lead: Zoë Mack

Coastal LDC (Lancashire & South Cumbria)


Chair:  John Edwards

Secretary:  Bernard Alston

Treasurer:  Jemma Thackray

Communications Leads:  Stuart Johnson & Zoë Mack

Committee Members:  Riyaz Patel, David Bradley, Alex Johnson, Mark Collinson, Zuber Bagassi, Javed Ikram, Jemma Thackray, Sonu Thomas, Zoë Mack, Rose Thomas, Amir Abedi, Lucy Latus, Jon Smalley, Nafisa Suleman, Louise Caldicott, Sofia Dias.


The Central Lancashire LDC


Chair: Tom Gacesa

Secretary: David Tsang

Treasurer: Bruce Porteous

Committee Members: Tom Gacesa, Bruce Porteous, David Tsang

"Want to get involved? if you currently practice within Central Lancashire and are interested in joining Central LDC then please contact David Tsang to express your interest and find out more"

The East Lancashire LDC

Chair: Ralph Pickup & Andy Harvey

Secretary: Vicky Buller

Treasurer: Noel Bowen

Committee Members: Jo Prasad, Dave Brocklehurst, Ben Aaron, Ausman Malik, Maz Sadar, Sarah Metias, Dominic Price, Phil Gale, Shane Morgan, Tom Friar.

LDC Executive Contacts:

Bernard (LDC Executive Secretary)

To contact Bernard, the LDC Secretary please use the form below. 

Alternatively you can email

Stuart (Operation & Technology Lead)

If you would like to contact Stuart please use the form on the contact page of this website or email

Zoë (Communications & Engagement Lead)

For requests concerning this website please use the form on the contact page of this website or email

Individual LDC Contacts:

Coastal & South Cumbria: Bernard Alston

Central Lancashire: David Tsang

East Lancashire: Andy Harvey

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