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LASC LDCs represent dental practices & professionals across Lancashire and South Cumbria
This site details our current work, how to contact your LDC representatives for support and the current situation within NHS Dentistry and our ICB. 
We also host a wealth of information including referral information, recruitment pages, and  UKHSA , NHSE and ICB information and updates.

If you are a patient seeking dental advice / care please access NHS England information pages here.
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Dental Recruitment Incentive Scheme 2024/25

You should now have received an email from the ICB inviting applications for the Dental Recruitment Incentive Scheme


If there are any questions about the process please do ask, should we not have the answer then we would be happy to collate and refer your questions directly to the commissioning team.


Please also refer to the national guidance to read more about the scheme and the national eligibility requirements. A copy of the LDC information email can be viewed here.


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