• David Bradley

S. Cumbria & Lancashire Dental Advisor Newsletter - Dental Record Keeping Standards: a consensus

For some time there has been conjecture as to what is acceptable with regards to record keeping within the NHS Dental Regulations General Practice and how any clinical records are assessed when brought into question through a complaint or a referral to the Performer Advisory Group when there is a performance issue raised.

NHS England has recently published [ October 2019 ] a guidance that has been arrived at through a consensus of opinions as to the nature and content of acceptable dental clinical records.

It has been requested by NHSE that local area team Performer Advisory Groups and Performer List Decision Panels adopt this guidance as the standard for assessing the quality of a performers dental records so that there is continuity throughout the NHS dental services.

The link below is for this guidance.

Should any performer have any questions or enquiries I can be contacted at:

David Bradley BDS

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