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October Newsletter – Lake District Special

Hello Lancashire: I am writing this whilst on a short break up in the Lakes which as we know is the world centre for sheep, water and recycling not to mention the propensity for people to walk round the lanes and towns dressed like Chris Bonnington and using two ski sticks to increase propulsion – are we serious? Having just spent a day on the fells making the most of the dry weather Mrs A and I came across a cheery chappie togged up to the nines for an Everest ascent and he grinned widely and said “morning, wonderful up here isn’t it.” I couldn’t help noticing and pointing out to Mrs A that he had a rather obvious massive gold shell crown on his upper left six. Mrs A said I was sad and should stop thinking about work – I replied that I was only making a note in case he went missing and had to be traced by his dental records! But to more serious matters: as the Lancashire LDC Executive we are keen to keep apace with the developments within health service delivery because by default dentistry is inevitably bolted onto the side of what happens with the commissioning of medical services. The whole picture is very complicated and overlaps in a number of areas. I will attempt to condense the story in a few lines but will give you some pointers to where you can get more info should you wish Co-commissioning agenda: this is still ongoing and seems to be the way forward for Lancashire. CCGs vary in the level at which they are engaging with the process but it seems probable that they may be pushed to commission Primary Care Services at Level 3. We are keeping a close eye on developments and working closely with the Area Team through the Liaison Meetings and the LDN. If you wish to get more information the document is available on the LDC Website (First item on the Library page) Devolution Manchester: this decision to devolve budget holding for Greater Manchester Primary Healthcare (including dentistry) to Greater Manchester Local Authority is going ahead and if successful may extend to other areas, potentially possibly Devolution Lancashire. What it has done for the time being is to take away the possibility of a Lancashire/Greater Manchester merger. This now leaves us in Lancashire on our own once again! It has been suggested by the centre that Lancashire may be too small to stand alone so we will need to wait and see. There are a number of articles available on the internet around Devolution Manchester if you would like more info. Levy reduction: following advice from the Treasurers of the three Lancashire LDCs the Statutory Levy will be reduced again from November by a further 25%. HOLD THE DATE: the Local Dental Network and the Area Team supported by Colgate are putting on an event entitled:


DATE 24TH NOVEMBER 2015, 18.00 – 20.45, PRESTON MARRIOT HOTEL More details will be coming out soon but don’t forget to put this date in your diaries Alpaca haircuts: I readily accept that I am not a fashion guru but however struggle to come to terms with the current hairstyle sported by trendy chaps whereby they have their head shaved up the side and leave it longer on top – I cannot help noticing the less than passing resemblance to alpacas which have the same hairstyle. Alpacas are renowned for spitting so I wonder if these chaps by default will do the same – if so watch out! Lake District Holiday: as I mentioned before Mrs A and myself plus our little Staffy Gabby are currently in the Lake District enjoying one of Mrs A’s fitness challenge weeks which is sort of a combination of 71 degrees North and Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week! Gabby and I do try and keep up as best we can but are frequently left behind. I am however rather upset that the cottage we rent used to have an ancient Dyson DC 01 which was probably one of the first Dyson’s ever made and was one hell of a machine. This however has been replaced by a Henry – what can you say! The original DC 01 was a classic vintage machine which was probably older than the cottage, was the size of a double-decker bus and weighed about the same. Manoeuvring it round the small cottage was a challenge and a workout in itself and taking it upstairs had replaced tractor pulling as a country sport in Cumbria! Never mind we will stick to fell walking! Onwards and upwards Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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