Co-Commissioning, Area Team Merger, Levy Update, Audience with LDN, Appraisal

Hello Lancashire Fairly quiet on the Western Front at present but numerous issues are bubbling up under the surface. As always we need to keep these issues on the radar to ensure we address them when appropriate. The two most burning matters for me are the Co-commissioning Agenda and the Lancashire / Greater Manchester Area Teams merger. To take these one at a time these are, in the main, my personal thoughts on the matters in question. Co-commissioning Agenda: no new information on this one but I do have my feelings that, from experience, once an idea has been suggested by Central Government it does tend to happen. In the meantime stalling tactics and reassuring noises tend to be made by the politicians. We will keep an eye on this one but if it does go forward we could be back to dental commissioning being more localised again. To go round in complete circles is again nothing new within the NHS. Lancashire / Greater Manchester Area Team merger: all going smoothly at present but I do wonder when / if the two organisations may eventually merge totally. This dilemma is sort of running in direct opposition to the above option. I do feel that either one or the other will go ahead rather than the status quo being maintained. Watch this space! LDC representation: we are pleased to report we have extensive representation on the committees and groups that matter at the Area Team and this enables us as an LDC Exec to ensure dentists are given the best deals possible and to prevent any unfair or inappropriate actions; particularly from the performance aspect. We have reps on the following - named accordingly. Local Dental Network; Chaired by Eric Rooney and including reps from NHS England / Dental Public Health / HENW / Dental Practice Advisor and three LDC reps from the Exec – Andy Cow (Central), Ralph Pickup (East) and Bernard Alston (Coastal). This Network signs off and approves all Strategic Dental Commissioning so it is essential we have a say in this process. Routine Care Network: this is made up of nine dentists and is funded by NHS England. In addition to this and representing the LDC Exec is Phil Gale (East). Phil is there from a dento-political angle to input on behalf of the profession. This Network is currently engaged in a series of projects closely linked to General Dental Practice and four audit programmes have been produced for roll out over the next year.. Minor Oral Surgery Network: this network influences the delivery of Tier 2 Oral Surgery services in Primary Care and consists of reps from NHS England / Acute Trusts / Dental Public Health. The LDC Exec Rep on this group is Phil Gale (East) Lancs LDC Exec / Area Team Liaison Committee: this committee meets monthly and forms the contractual issues meeting between the Lancs LDC Exec and the Lancashire Area Team. At these meetings the LDC are updated on developments from the NHS and are consulted very closely around the implementation of policy from the centre into General Dental Practice. Reps on this committee are Mike Jolly, Andy Cow, Bruce Porteous (Central), John Edwards, Mike Cheadle, Bernard Alston (Coastal) and Phil Gale (East). Performers Advisory Group (PAG): this group meets monthly and reviews cases from the four clinical disciplines including dental. As part of its remit the group reviews information / complaints / GDC referrals etc that come in about dental performers. Sense checking is essential here and we do have a rep on this group – Mike Cheadle (Coastal) Performers List Advisory Panel (PLDP): this group actions disciplinary action should cases be found against performers and is a stage further on from the PAG. Again vital sense checking is necessary and the LDC is represented by John Edwards (Coastal) and Mike Jolly (Central). Levy update: Following changes in the way the BSA collects levies a new system had to be implemented and this was communicated widely via the Lancs LDC Newsletter. The BDA and BSA were extremely helpful in helping LDCs action this but inevitably there was a gap in collection for a few months due to the existing arrangements ceasing. Consequently we had to action a slightly higher levy of 0.3% to catch up. We are now in a position to reduce this to 0.2% and this will take place from 1st April. It is expected that a further reduction will be possible into the future once the LDC finances have stabilised. Audience with the LDN: We have sent out some info about the “Audience with the LDN” on 24th March. Please try and get to this meeting to be brought up to speed in more detail as to strategic planning for dentistry. If you missed it first time round details are on the Lancs LDCs website. Appraisal update: HENW have sourced some funding for appraisal and we did circulate this via the egroup. Voluntary appraisals will be available soon and can be accessed through the HENW website. Just one more thing: we have recently returned from an excellent week in the land of walking shops where individuals strut around in fluorescent clothing, utilising two poles to assist them and appearing to all intents and purposes that they are leaving Everest Basecamp and striking out for the summit when in fact they are just leaving Booth’s car park having bought a loaf and a tin of beans! To get there we had a trip up the M6 where the “High Vis Guys” had been at it again putting thousands of cones down to close the inside lane of the motorway to do .......... absolutely nothing. So what’s new!!! And another thing: what is the deal whereby teenagers wander aimlessly around wearing headphones and looking like a seventies radio DJ. In this day and age things are supposed to get smaller and more efficient due to modern technology. Not so here for these guys with what looks like two shoe boxes fastened to the side of their heads. Maybe I’m getting old but I don’t think I would have done this even when I was younger! And finally: as Spring comes around a feeling of relief has been experienced in the Alston household because the 200+ bulbs Mrs A and myself planted are coming up – hurray – so we did plant them the right way up. Many a winter’s night has been disrupted by worrying about this one! That’s all for now folks Onwards and upwards (especially the bulbs!) Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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