January Update, Co-Commissioning, LAT Merger, RCN and CQC

Bernard's News & Updates Hello Lancashire Happy New Year! So what will 2015 hold for us as General Dental Practitioners? There are a number of changes on the horizon some representing opportunities and some representing threats. The two main issues at present I have mentioned before but will continue to update as the shifting sands of the NHS dictate; Co-commissioning and the Lancashire/Greater Manchester Area Teams merger Co-commissioning – this is the concern that the commissioning of Primary Care Dentistry may be picked up by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the thought of a group of medics controlling dentistry doesn’t bear thinking about. Latest on this as reported back at the recent Liaison Meeting was that it may now not happen – hopefully this position will remain but I do have skepticism due to a lifetime of bad experiences within the NHS. I will keep you updated but if it does go ahead we will be there as the LDC to ensure dentistry has a voice. Lancashire / GM Area Team merger – all has gone smoothly and was as promised, to date there have been no changes at local level. We continue to have an excellent working relationship with the Lancashire Area Team and as the Lancashire LDC Exec we will continue to consolidate this. We are continuing to meet monthly and the minutes are posted on the Lancashire LDCs website Routine Care Network (RCN) – this is the network that is driven by General Dental Practitioners. The RCN have produced four audits that will be signed off at the next meeting on 21st Jan and rolled out to practices over the following twelve months. CQC Meeting – the CQC are set to launch their newly formatted inspection soon and we understand there is to be one in Lancashire. On the back of this the LDC will be meeting with the CQC and the Area Team to discuss how the inspection went and, as always to ensure dentist’s interests are maintained. I will feedback when we know more In these changing times it is understandable that dentists may wonder what is definite, who can you trust and how do we ensure we avoid disasters and crazy decisions. The only organisation that remains unchanged is the Local Dental Committee. Our role is quite simple:- TO LOOK AFTER DENTAL BUSINESSES AND THE INTERESTS OF OUR GENERAL DENTAL PRACTITIONERS In order to keep you all in touch we are working with the Area Team to establish a fully inclusive email list of all NHS performers across the county. If you have received this we will have your email address, if you know a colleague who is not receiving our regular updates and advice please get them to access the website and “GET CONNECTED” Remember also that your LDC members are there to help you. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to let me know and we will take it forward . There is a slot at the monthly Liaison meeting for “questions from the profession” Please take advantage of this and email me with the details. Just one more thing – road works – why are they all over the place at the moment? Whilst being totally in favour of necessary road maintenance there does seem to be too much of it at present. It is particularly irksome when you have queued for half an hour only to get to the scene of the “action” and all there is to see is a group of “Hi Vis Guys” lined up taking a “selfie” and putting it on facebook!! That’s all for now Onwards and Upwards Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec Website News Ebola: Advice for Dental Teams. We have been asked to share the formal documentation that has been developed by PHE and provided by Sandra White, Director of Public Health England. Please use the following link: The link is also available via the LDC Website, along with a summary from Barry Cockcroft. Vicarious Liability We have some clarification from MDDUS regarding the recent articles in the dental press re Vicarious Liability - You'll find it on the 'Library' page. NHS FFT (Friends & Family Test) The FFT page has been updated with further information, and the data collection card from LASCA. LDC Connections The LDC Connections Newsletter from the BDA is now available from the Library Page. CPD - Drugs and Alcohol Details of Drugs & Alcohol training in East Lancs are now on the Education page. As always, if you need any help getting on the website feel free to email me! Regards, Stuart

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