Christmas Newsletter 2014

Season’s greetings: now the Festive Season is in full swing we can look forward to a break. We will all be going through the usual holiday rush from patients – “I will have my new dentures for Christmas won’t I so I can tuck into my turkey?” Just what you want to hear as you are taking first impressions on 18th December! Such is the great British Public in that if you put a Bank Holiday on the horizon it focuses timescales unrealistically. Merger of the Area Teams: from 5th January 2015 the Greater Manchester and Lancashire Area Teams will come together, The merger is at a high level and we are assured it will be “business as usual” with our guys Max / Nick etc. New senior management personnel have been appointed but the local teams will remain as is. Where this will all end up though is anybody’s guess. As always I will keep you updated. Co-commissioning; this if you remember is the intention to move the responsibility for the commissioning of Primary Care Dental, Pharmacy and Optometry services from NHS England to the Clinical Commissioning Groups across the country. At present there is no legal framework to enable this to happen but again we will need to wait and see. It will not be a wise decision and to make it further complicated there could be a number of different options available to CCGs to manage the future commissioning arrangements. Current thinking is that this may not happen and again I will keep you all informed as to progress or otherwise. Appraisal: HENW have sourced some funding to enable appraisal to be restarted in the New Year. Please keep an eye on the HENW website for more details into 2015. I will of course continue to update via the LDC website and newsletter Good news / Bad news: well we heard on Thursday that the court case around the grossly inflated Blinking Annual Retention Fee – otherwise known as the “BARF” (because it makes you want to barf!) had found in favour of the BDA – well done chaps - but the bad news is that we still have to pay the damn thing! Let’s see if the politicians can get a sensible conclusion to the process (that would of course be a first!). Just one more thing: we recently returned from a very pleasant week in Keswick and although we do love Cumbria it does have its drawbacks! Firstly every other shop is a walking/climbing shop and there are a never ending string of people walking round the roads and streets in the lakes using two poles to get along as if they are in the Himalayas and not in the UK. Let’s get real!! Now we all recycle don’t we but in Lancashire this is a simple uncomplicated process that achieves the desired result without any fuss – not so in Cumbria – they turn it into a religion! It is so complicated that it can’t possibly work effectively and takes forever. Last but not least from our neighbours in the North is the ultimate in non-entertainment – Radio Cumbria – it is the ultimate in boring radio stations and cannot be recommended (unless you can’t get to sleep that is) All that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at the Lancashire LDC Executive; Have a good one! Onwards and upwards Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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