23rd September Newsletter

Newsletter 23/9/14

Hello Lancashire

  • As we move into autumn the pace starts to hot up locally with progress happening in a number of areas. Please do make use of the Lancashire LDCs website because there is a wealth of information to support dental practices in their day to day activities. Minutes of both the Local Dental Network and the LDC/Area Team Liaison Meetings are on the site plus feedback and information from practices around areas such as DBS checks. The Lancashire Sharps Injury Protocol is on there also along with referral pathways for a range of services. If you have not already registered please do so ASAP

  • RCN – moves are afoot to finalise and launch the Routine Care Network shortly. There was group of 18 GDPs put their names forward for the Network and this has needed to be reduced down to 8 by a process of submitting strategic plans to influence commissioning direction. Once this process has been completed we will put information on the website. The RCN will be able then to influence commissioning direction from a real grass roots level

  • Levy – agreement has been reached with the Area Team to set the LDC Statutory Levy at 0.2% which is in line with levies in other LDC areas. You will have noticed that the levy was not deducted last month due to a technical error so we will need to catch this up at some stage. I have included an LDC Exec Statement on LDC Levies on the website if you require more information.

  • Referral letters – at the recent Local Dental Network it was flagged up by some of our Secondary Care colleagues that the standard of referrals was in some cases below what is an expected standard. Whilst understanding that the vast majority of referrals are satisfactory it was requested that practices peer review their referral processes to avoid confusion and potential inconvenience to patients

  • Complaints advice – we have alluded to this in a previous newsletter but it still seems that in a small number of cases responses requested by the Area Team Performance Department are lacking in information and poorly presented. It is again an idea for practices to review how they deal with complaints and also to ensure that defence organisations are involved in the process at an early stage. Please remember that the Area Team will work with practices to resolve complaints at a local level and we all want to avoid GDC involvement. Please also remember that if you need advice or support the LDC are there to help you.

  • Just one more thing - White Van Man(WVM) – he is out there! Many of us come into contact with these four wheeled hazards on a day to day basis and it can be terrifying to say the least. From a range of vehicles ranging from delivery vans through to builders, plumbers and hired vans there is a common theme – a complete disregard for fellow road users! When I learnt to drive there was a sequence that went LOOK – SIGNAL- MANOUVERE not so for the WVM – their sequence goes MANOUVERE – SIGNAL – LOOK. From the Exec the advice is – “watch out for WVM!!!

Thats all for now folks – please feel free to email me any thoughts concerns information etc on

Onwards and upwards


Bernard Alston

Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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