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Bank Holiday Newsletter.

AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY NEWSLETTER Hello Lancashire Here we are on August Bank Holiday weekend and we are enjoying some unusually good weather for a Bank Holiday! As I write this on Sunday 24th I hope I have not tempted fate and the weather takes a turn for the worse tomorrow! So to more serious matters. We are in a summer recess at present where not much moves due to it being peak holiday time, however we have been very busy in a number of areas

  • Sharps Injury Protocol - we are working through some issues at present mainly around cross-border complications. I do feel we are getting somewhere and have now secured an arrangement with Ormskirk Hospital – thanks to Steve Bass for his work in the “Western Provinces.” Work is also ongoing in the East and again thanks to Shaz Tahir for his work with Rochdale Hospital – Rochdale are a difficult nut to crack but we are on with it. What we are aiming to do is to ensure that everyone can access post Sharps Injury services at the most convenient location even if this means crossing borders out of Lancashire. To make this work all we need is the Sharps Protocol from the Acute site – this then underpins the LDC Protocol.

  • Occupational Health Services – these are proving to be an issue not just for sharps injuries but also with respect to Hep B jabs etc. I am currently liaising with the LMC to establish what services GPs are obliged to provide for their patients – this may be a saving. Ultimately we do need to push for these Occy Health services to be centrally funded – surely a “deal” could be done.

  • DBS (nee CRB checks) – there have been some issues reported back around access to “umbrella organisations” able to verify and sign off documentation. The Post Offices do have some sites that will do this and we have information on the website. I would be very interested to hear of practices' experiences with DBS checks (good or bad) so we can get some advice out – please let me know on

  • CQC fees: there have been concerns from some practices around CQC fees increasing. From the LDC perspective we are awaiting a meeting with the CQC being organised by the Area Team. Would you please give me any feedback you have on your particular situation with respect to your CQC fees.

  • Primary Care Commissioning to go to CCGs: major concerns here! The Area Teams are being reorganised again and there is a suggestion that the commissioning of Primary Care Dental Services may go to the Clinical Commissioning Groups – for those of you who are not sure what this means it is quite simply that we may end up being commissioned by a bunch of medics! It is absolutely essential that we are on top of this as your LDC and if things do go down this route we must be on the case to preserve the rights of our Lancashire dentists. You may see something in the dental press re this – if you do you know we are onto it – more info to follow as it emerges.

  • Levy deduction; September: the Statutory LDC Levy will be set this month at 0.2%. This is a reduction on last month’s deduction. We will be agreeing and signing off the LDC budget calculation and permanent levy deduction at our Liaison meeting in September. I will update you all when this task is completed and also will be putting some info out about how the LDCs work on your behalf to preserve the future of dental businesses.

  • ARF: OK - ARF, ARF,ARF – not really funny is it. In fact it is a disgusting situation. The GDC have gone out of their way to fire up the general public to complain directly to them rather than looking for the good old local resolution. As a group of responsible professionals, we as dentists cannot condone bad practice but there is no need to encourage complaints unnecessarily. The BDA are campaigning against the consultation so please look out and contribute to any responses that are required.

  • Buccolam: if you are experiencing problems sourcing Buccolam for your drugs kits please see below advice given by the Area Team. (Thanks to Steve Bass, VC of Central LDC, and “Champion of the Western Provinces” for this information) The form you need is a CD requisition form FP10CDF available from PCSS (LaSCA) switchboard number 01772 221 444. When you receive the form you need to complete and take to pharmacist. The form asks for a prescriber code and you need to use: 612701 – 5NF. The Area Team code is Q47. Judith Johnston, Quality and Safety Manager, Lancashire Area Team, NHS England, Room 207 I Preston Business Centre I Watling Street Road I PRESTON I PR2 8DY

Just one more thing: horses – why do we have them? We have had our horse (Lexi) for some 8 years now and we both ride her twice a week. It is an interesting pastime and it is quite relaxing (sometimes). But not so this morning when Lexi threw a wobbler and bucked rather high when Mrs A was riding her – fortunately Mrs A stayed on and lived to tell the tale. Lexi, although not being the best behaved horse when being ridden has what are termed impeccable stable manners. This however does come with a caveat because what is impeccable for a horse is not quite the same as it is for humans. To give some examples – one of the things you have to do as a caring horse owner is to pick out your horse's feet. Lexi complies with this process very well however when one has lifted up a hind foot in preparation for picking out it seems to unlock her bowels and she passes wind straight into your face! Another problem that occurs whilst this procedure is being performed is that she might swish her tail – no problem normally, unless that is she has been slightly runny due to wet grass and if this is the case one needs to keep ones mouth closed to avoid a rather unpleasant spray of guess what! That’s all for now Onward and upwards! Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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