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Bernard's News & Updates Hello Lancashire Hope all is well with you all as you gear up for the forthcoming summer holidays. Those of you holidaying in this country may need to pack an umbrella unless the promised heatwave arrives. The continual promise of a heatwave is a bit like the new contract – great things are promised but they never materialise! Quick updates: The Lancs Sharps Injury Protocol is now on the website along with supporting documentation. I have had enquiries from some of you around cross-border access to acute services. To answer this one – I set the documentation up as an advisory front sheet which would be underpinned by the Sharps Protocol from the Acute Trust most appropriate for each individual practice. However for an out of area access situation - using as an example practices in the West of the county eg Ormskirk, who wish to access their post exposure care from Ormskirk hospital, which does not come under any of the Lancashire Acute Trusts – no problem because all that would have to be done is to download the Ormskirk protocol and it will fit behind the generic front sheet. Generic front sheet information is standard and applies to all settings. This will apply to all out of area situations. What I have done in some cases with contacts is to put practices directly in touch with their acute trust Occupational Health Departments (if in Lancs) to get answers to any queries. Should you experience any issues or problems please do not hesitate to contact me on The GDC is now pricing itself out of the market with the new threatened ARF involving a 60% increase! This has happened due to the general public being able to complain directly to the GDC and as a result costs have escalated. Local measures kept things under control in the past but this is no longer the case. The GDC have put out the consultation on the proposed ARF so please do respond and register your thoughts. On the subject of complaints – many of the complaints made are still resolved locally and this may be at the practice level or at the Area Team (AT) level. A few points to bear in mind should anyone get a complaint are: Be aware of the NHS complaints procedure Contact your defence organisation ASAP to get advice – get them to help you formulate your response. If the AT get the complaint then they will ask you for your response and help you with it – please ensure that your response picks up the issues raised by the complainant and answers each one individually and comprehensively Do not forget your LDC are there to help you if needed. That’s all for now folks. Just one more thing; why do supermarkets sell bread unwrapped and uncovered on shelves open to contact and cross infection by all comers! It really is disgusting. You have no idea who has been involved with your oven baked loaf or French stick prior to you taking a bite out of it! Why are the CQC not in there – they are in everywhere else after all! Just another thing: having completed our on line grocery order from Asda, a pop up came up to say that following our purchase of some mushrooms they wanted to bring to our attention to the fact that people who bought mushrooms also bought handwash! So what is the connection – are people who eat mushrooms very clean (they wont buy the unwrapped bread then will they!) or it is an indicator that you should always wash your hands before preparing mushrooms – sensible conclusion!! So I will be in contact soon – have a good holiday if you are going imminently Onward and upward Bernard Bernard Alston Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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