Sharps Protocol Finalised

Hello Lancashire Just a quick catch up as there has not been much happening recently. Funding issues are the major concern at present within the NHS and it is essential that we fight to keep as much money within the dental budget as we can. Coming up next week we have the Lancs Area Team/LDC Liaison and the Local Dental Network. If you have any queries/comments etc please drop me an email on and I will take them forward. The LDC Conference took place on Friday 13th (unlucky for some!) so I should have any feedback available in the next week or two. Positive news though on the subject of sharps injuries in the finally after weeks of work the final document is finished and will be posted on the website alongside the supporting documentation. The document will be a “live” document and will be updated should changes occur. Please access the information to ensure you have all everything to hand should someone in your practice have a sharps injury. Services do vary across the county but are all different kinds of the same thing – guidance is within the documentation. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me, also we need to monitor outcomes following attendance at hospital following sharps injury to ensure services are meeting the need - please let me know any outcomes. Onwards and upwards Bernard

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