Newsletter 17th May 2014

Hello Lancashire Just wanted to let you have a quick update to read in between barbequing and sunbathing – unless of course you are on the EDS!! Sharps Protocol – this is progressing now and I have had excellent feedback from the Occy Health Depts and hope to have the final document completed by the end of June. In the meantime there is some info in the “Needlestick” section of the website. The Sharps Protocols for LTH/BTH/ELTH are now also on the website in the same section. Ultimately we will get the document signed off by the Acute Trusts and the process monitored by the AT and the LDC Exec to ensure we have a consistent approach to the delivery of post exposure counseling / advice / prophylaxis as appropriate. Call to Action – this consultation did the rounds following an evening session involving the networks, the Area Team, Dental Public Health and Health Education England (nee Deanery) a wider consultation was undertaken via the LDC website / newsletter. The final responses have now been collated by Stephen Gough at the AT and been submitted to the centre to ultimately influence the National Strategy for Dentistry. Let’s wait and see what emerges! Network Workshops – a couple of workshops are in progress, organised by the AT and involving some members of the AT / LDN / Routine Care Network (RCN) and the other specialist networks to look at development of the process and encourage good leadership. One of these has already happened on 13th May. What was interesting was an emergence that the RCN which consists in the main of GDPs is core to the function of the whole process and will ultimately have a great influence on the shaping up of local dental commissioning as part of the national strategy. The question here is – how much flexibility will we have locally – the answer is that this is not totally clear at present but the bottom line is that without local sensitivity and flexibility any national strategy is doomed to failure. The RCN is emerging now as the core network due to the fact that GDPs provide around 95% of the dentistry delivered in the country and GDPs are of course the referrers into other specialist areas such as Special Care/MOSS/Ortho etc. It does make common sense therefore that the RCN should be closely involved in shaping the future provision of these services and strong links must be established and maintained between the RCN and the LDN. Just one more thing – Weather! Well it is about time for it to get warmer and as I type this today (Sat PM) it certainly is very pleasant outside (I am of course inside – so bad planning there!) What happens though when we get a burst of sunshine is that the temperature enthusiasts emerge from the shadows and start getting overheated (literally) about the reading on the thermometer! I was listening to one of the national radio stations yesterday and the DJ was getting excited that the temperature in London was going to be as high as 27 degrees over the weekend – well this is simply too hot and uncomfortable and soon people start whingeing that it is too warm – let’s just settle for a steady 18 to 19 degrees and be happy! Onwards and Upwards (and into the garden!) Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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