Easter Newsletter 2014

Newsletter Easter Weekend 2014

Hello Lancashire

Just a quick update for you to peruse between eating your Easter Eggs!

Website News: following an agreement between the three Lancashire LDCs the website will now be jointly supported by all three Committees and will be renamed to reflect this. The website will still be hosted by Lancs Coastal but will be a generic county wide resource. More information will follow from Stuart in his Webmaster section.

Contract reform: well there is Jack Diddly Squat to report on this. Nothing is happening and the general feeling is that there will be nothing before the next General Election.

CQC Warning: a Lancashire Dental Practice has recently been fined £5K because their nominated CQC contact manager had changed and they had not informed the CQC. Small matter you would think and in these modern times of change there would be some leeway and consideration on behalf of the CQC – no way! In true Spanish Inquisition manner they slapped the practice with a £5K fine! Please all be aware of this and don’t get into the same predicament. The LDC Exec are pursuing the CQC on their approach in such matters

Network Contacts: as you will all be aware there are a number of specialist networks underpinning the function of the Local Dental Network. In order to enable instant access to these Networks by all we will be posting contact details on the website of network members to act as contacts. This means that questions / concerns / comments can be made directly to the networks. Please take advantage of this resource

Needlestick: we met with representatives of the Occupational Health Departments from the Lancashire Acute Trusts and started the process of pulling together a county wide protocol for needlestick / sharps injuries. As you will appreciate getting continuity and consistency across such a large area and dealing with four very large organisations will take some time. The aim is to agree a start to finish protocol for sharps injuries and get sign up from the acute trusts to ensure that all dental staff will be able to access advice / counselling / Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) as appropriate. In the interim the intention is to set up a Sharps Injury section on the website where we can post developments and provide interim advice as it becomes available. It needs to be said at this point that although the document is being pulled together by the LDC Exec any information and advice will be provided by Occupational Health representatives. Brief interim advice is as follows:

  • Practices are advised to establish which site locally they are likely to be utilising should a sharps injury occur. During work time this should be Occupational Health Departments and out of hours it will be A&E. (eventually we will post these details on the website)

  • Download a copy of the Sharps Injury Protocol of your local Acute Trust for information. We will be looking to post these on the website soon for ease of access.

  • Nominate an appointed senior dentist (and deputy) who will follow the process through with the member of staff involved in the incident

  • Ensure first aid measures for sharps injury are understood and implemented and a risk assessment of the source patient is carried out

  • Taking blood from the source patient is strongly advised. This could be done by a member of the dental staff not involved in the incident (counselling is essential for the source patient) or having an arrangement with a local GP practice or clinic.

  • On arrival at the hospital site we have been advised to make it known that it is a member of dental staff that has been involved in the incident. As we know time is of the essence for the administration of some forms of PEP so any delay reduces effectiveness.

  • The manner in which advice, counselling after care does vary slightly across the trusts but are fundamentally similar.

Just one more thing: Facebook – what is it all about? I hate it! I cannot understand why people spend so much time on Facebook when they could be doing something better with their time. Also I find the sort of cheesy “likes” and compliments passed about people’s pictures / statements when they are simply not true quite nauseating! Mrs A would not allow me to go on Facebook anyway because she says I would say it “as it is” rather than flower it up and this could be potentially offensive! For me I would like to set up a straight talking Facebook where people would state the facts about statements / pictures as they really are. Also my facebook would have a “dislike” button!! Rant over!

And another thing: why do Postmen wear shorts in all weathers. I know it is getting warmer now but it is not that warm!

Onwards and Upwards


Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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