Newsletter 16th March 2014

Hello Lancashire

Hope you are all keeping well and managing to meet the good old UDA targets for year end!

In general there is not a great deal to report mainly due to the fact that money is the issue with NHS England at this time of the year and balancing their books is a priority. We have got some movement though and I expect things to pick up apace when we get into the new financial year.

Appraisal - I think we are nearly there - just awaiting final funding confirmation and then we can get going. There will need to be some refresher training for appraisers and this will be organised once we get the go ahead. It is essential that we retain what has become a most supportive process for the profession.

CQC - there have been reports coming in around CQC surveys of practices in terms of whether they are single handed or multiple. Whilst the initial reaction is that this may be junk emails it does seem that it is for real! Cynical thing is that they are only looking to raise extra funding from practices if they are construed to be multiples. I am not sure who has received these communications but the message coming from the Area Team is that we should not simply bin the email. Please let me have any feedback you may have on this.

Needlestick - there is a meeting on 31st March between Area Team / LDC / Occupational Health Depts to finalise a start-to-finish document to cover all aspects of what the profession will need to have in place across the county.

Ortho Rep - Fiona Smith is now attending the AT / LDC Liaison group to represent the Orthodontic Network. If you have any issues around Ortho you wish to bring up please contact Fiona and she will take it forward. Contact details will be posted on the website.

Just one more thing - car insurance. I recently changed a car and had a need to cancel my current policy with my current insurer. I phoned them the day before it expired to inform them that I no longer needed the policy. They said fine but I would need to return the insurance document to them. I said OK but by the time they would have received it the thing would have expired! No matter they said, it was some sort of Road traffic Act requirement that I send it in - so I did. Daft thing is that i got it sent electronically anyway so if I wanted i could print out another copy of the out of date policy!!!

Onwards and upwards


Bernard Alston

Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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