Bernard's News, New Website, Bridge2Aid Help Needed

Bernard's News Hello Lancashire, Happy New Year to you all! I trust the festive period was enjoyable and we haven’t all put too much weight on! We had the Lancs LDC Exec/Lancashire Area Team Liaison Meeting on Wednesday and had a valuable discussion around a number of issues which are up and coming.

  1. Contract Reform – if you remember the contractual change is now being called “Contract Reform” – this is to avoid the need to go out to tender (perish the thought!). All that can be said at the present time, based on information feeding back to the Area Team is that no-one seems to have any definite timescales or potential outcomes. There is an election looming and this always puts other issues onto the back burner. Some people are saying two years, some are saying five years, some are saying “at some time”. The pilots have been extended and I think the conclusion to draw is that there is no satisfactory solution currently available. The delay is good in some ways because the last thing we all want is for something to be implemented that is untried and untested – we have been there before!

  2. BSA access is to be changed - The current “Portal” access arrangement will cease and be replaced by something called “Compass.” Strangely nothing has been forthcoming from anywhere until this was announced at the Liaison on Wednesday. Apparently the BSA had said they were involving LDCs but that does not seem to be the case. The whole picture is quite complicated and we are asking the Area Team to give us bullet point guidance to go on the website. It is essential that we are all clued up on this for the changeover in a few weeks time because there are fundamental differences around contract number allocation / transfer and the need for us as practitioners to input details around incoming dentists, superann etc... more to follow via the website.

  3. While we are on with the BSA – be aware that they are currently very active in Lancashire and looking in depth at any anomalies in practice activity so please keep an eye on your activity data.

  4. Needlestick protocol and PEP support – progress is being made and a meeting will be taking place shortly between Occupational Health representatives / NHS England / LDC Exec. We have set a date of the end of February for completion of the task.

  5. MOSS – (Minor Oral Surgery Service) – this is about to be launched in Central Lancs, however East/BwD and Coastal arrangements will continue as is for now. More on this when it is up and running.

  6. Appraisal – still waiting for recurrent funding to be identified but it seems we are nearly there!

These are the current hot topics in a nutshell. Please don’t forget to register with the website - the platform has changed to allow better access by iPads / iPhones – more on this from Webmaster Stuart.


Just one more thing – Mrs A and myself often watch the BBC programme “Escape to the Country” where people go on the programme to try and find them their dream home in the country. We do find it relaxing but me being cynical I do question some of their statements and intentions. Firstly they all seem to have around £500K - £1M to put into their new abode – but when you see them they do not look as if they could possibly have that amount of money. They also always want around 2-5 acres of land and room for a “veggy patch” – my comment would be – what the heck do you do with all that land unless you are a farmer, and if you can afford £500K - £1M for a house why would you want to grow your own spuds!! Onwards and Upwards Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec Website News The new Lancashire Coastal LDC Website has now launched ;-) It's all presented in HTML5 for those who want to know, which makes it tablet / iPhone friendly. I've re-built the existing layout so it will be familiar and you'll be able to find what you need. We all hate that feeling in the supermarket when everything moves around! If you were signed up to the old website, you will receive an email to choose a new password. For security, we never had access to your passwords, so couldn't move them across. Just click the link (it will be from and follow the instructions to choose a new password and get straight in. If you hadn't registered for the old website, you will need to click Sign-Up and enter your details. Once I've verified your email address and confirmed your registration you will have access to the site. As Bernard mentioned, we are hosting a growing library of useful information, from the LAT and others - come and take a look ;-) As always, if you need assistance just email Stuart Bridge2Aid Urgently Needs Your Help! Due to circumstances beyond their control, Bridge2Aid needs to raise £50,000 before the end of March 2014 to ensure the charity can continue its vital work. Synergy Dental Clinic are proud to support Bridge2Aid; an amazing Dental charity supporting those most in need of emergency dental care and we helped raise money for them last year with our climb to Ben Nevis. Why do they need such urgent help? In the past few months, two things have happened resulting in a significant financial challenge. Firstly, Bridge2Aid (B2A) was the victim of a financial fraud in Tanzania. Neither the police investigation or their own review has shown any link with the B2A team. It appears that the charity was targeted by an organised crime ring using high quality counterfeit cheques the day after a grant payment was received, and they managed to extract a large sum of money illegally. To date they have not been able to get the bank to repay this although they are continuing to pursue this course of action. They no longer use this bank. Secondly, they received notification from their largest funder, a commercial enterprise, that they would, by necessity, be reducing the final payment of a three-year grant by almost 70%, as they have experienced a big fall in profits. These two incidents combined mean that instead of starting 2014 with a low reserve, which they could manage, they now have a significant challenge to deliver treatment and training programmes in the first part of the year. Their long-term strategy remains the same, and with their supporters, track record, reputation and impact, we are very confident they can continue to fund B2A from June onwards. The Challenge They need to raise £50,000 before the end of March 2014 to ensure they can continue their vital work through the rest of the year and beyond. This £50,000 will enable the programmes currently scheduled for March and the latter part of the year to go ahead. Right now there is a very real threat to their work – and there are still millions of people suffering daily agony in East Africa who need their help. They have plans in place, a committed and gifted team, and hundreds of volunteers ready to deliver vital pain relief and training that would result in access to emergency dentistry for more than 3 million people over the next 3 years. Please join us in supporting Bridge2Aid to help them continue their vital work that so many people have contributed to over the past 10 years, and make a life free from dental pain a reality for communities in need. The urgency of this appeal cannot be overstated. We have a dental community of 50,000 people in the UK. If just 1,000 of those people are able to make a donation of £40, plus gift aid, they will reach their target. Can you help them in what is a very real time of need? You can make a donation in the following ways: • Online via website – • Online direct to our bank, RBS, sort code: 16.16.20, account no.10072646* • Directly onto our justgiving page – • By cheque made payable to ‘Bridge2Aid’ and posted to Bridge2Aid, Well House, The Chipping, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire. GL12 7AD • By calling 0845 8509877 *Please notify when directly transferring an online donation to Bridge2Aid’s account. Thank you. Zuber