Hello Lancashire

As we approach the end of 2013 it is appropriate to reassess where we are, and what are the priorities in terms of the bigger picture.

For us as the Lancs LDC Exec there have been two very important issues

The NHS Nationally has had to make savings under the QIPP scheme (Quality, Innovation, Performance and Prevention). As the savings to be made from dentistry are quite substantial (due to innovative schemes such as MOSS) we have written to Jackie Forshaw, Head of Primary Care to ask for reassurances that any savings over and above the requirement will be reinvested in dentistry locally. We have had the reassurance that so long as the finances balance overall for the Local Area Team any surplus savings from dentistry in Lancashire will come back to dentistry in Lancashire. More on this in the New Year.

The profession locally has been very supportive of the new structure for strategically commissioning dentistry and have contributed to the emerging networks wholly and fully. As the Exec we were awaiting confirmation that the innovative work being done by the networks and ultimately signed off from a clinical perspective by the Local Dental Network is being implemented through the final stages of the organisation. I am pleased to be able to confirm this is now happening and recent initiatives around access have now been signed off so this does bode well for the future. In Lancashire we are ahead of many of the other area teams across the country and the new commissioning structure (which does fully embrace the profession through the network structure) will continue to locally shape national policy for dentistry.

Update on approved local proposals (these schemes are utilising non-recurrent funding):Steele Red Pilot – this pilot scheme will look to address the access issues in Blackpool by offering treatment limited to the Steele Red Pathway to cater for patients who are looking for treatment provision that would fit between an EDS episode of care and routine treatment. More information to follow in the New YearUnscheduled Dental Care Pilot – set to try out the recently developed pathway for patients accessing EDS services. The Pathway was worked up over the last twelve months and involved input from a number of GDPs, EDS Providers, Dental Public Health and Commissioners. Again more information will follow.Orthodontic Proposal – approval has been granted for additional orthodontic activity to address local needs. Appraisal – we are still seeking appropriate recurrent funding to resurrect the existing scheme. Everything is in place to start as soon as confirmation of funding is received. What can be confirmed is that Dental Appraisal has the full backing of the Area Team Board. Hopefully we will be up and running early in the New Year. As always I am happy to take forward any queries or comments, from anywhere in Lancashire, to wherever they need to go. Just drop me an email - Just one more thing: it is the Season of Goodwill and accordingly our dog who previously took a dislike to our newly acquired “Furby” has now come to “tolerate” it and inquisitively stares at it whilst it does its thing! Whether this is just for the Christmas period and in the New Year we will find the Furby shredded on the floor we will have to wait and see!Again on a Seasonal note we received an email from Asda (from whence we get our weekly on line grocery order). The email was headed “Good News!” and informed us that due to a near neighbour also having the same delivery slot we were to expect a most “generous gesture” from the store. As I read down further I discovered that the “generous gesture” was a massive 50p e-voucher - wow!!!!

And finally, all that remains, on behalf of the Lancashire LDC Executive, is to wish you all a most enjoyable Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Onwards and upwardsBernardSec Lancs LDC Exec

Website Update

The eduction section is updated, with some courses in the new year - including plenty of Core CPD at the Hot Topics day in Blackpool. I've also updated the 'Library' with some further documents from NHS England re Orthodontic referrals, and lists of orthodontic specialists and practitioners within Lancashire.

The minutes from the December Liason Meeting are also now available to download from the Library.

We have an updated list of contacts at the Local Area Team - with phone numbers / job titles - so you can hopefully get directly in touch with the person you need - you'll find it at the top of the Library page.

I'll be moving the website to a new (iPad / iPhone friendly) platform over the coming weeks, but will try to minimise any disruption. If you're having any problems feel free to email me

Bernard - Don't spend it all at once! Wishing you all the very best for Christmas, and 2014.