LDC Exec Newsletter

Bernard's Update Hello Lancashire We have had a meeting of both the LDC/Area Team Liaison and the Local Dental Network since the last newsletter and there are some updates: 1. Early feedback from Year End discussions has been good and the sympathetic approach by Nick and his team has been well received. We are fortunate in our area to have good liaison and this is manifested in the way contractual issues are handled. At the end of the day there are some central directives that have to be followed but we must ensure that we do the best we can for our dentists in Lancashire. 2. Appraisal / Needlestick Procedure are progressing and I expect to have more definitive info soon. 3. There are some strategic ideas being moved forward around solutions to the access problems in both Blackpool and Morecambe. 4. A pilot around the newly developed Unscheduled Dental Care pathway is planned for the New Year – this came out of the work done by the Unscheduled Care Network which comprised a number of GDPs and access providers across the patch – the Unscheduled Care Network will sit as part of the Routine Care Network. 5. CQC – we have been asked by the Local Dental Network to ask for feedback on CQC inspection experience. There have been some concerns around CQC performance and this will be picked up by the Area Team. Examples are – one practice had a CQC inspection and passed with flying colours only to be contacted by the CQC a few months later asking to arrange a visit. When the practitioner asked 'have you got the previous report?' he was told ' oh have we already been?' – beggars belief doesn’t it!!! 6. Routine Care Network - this meets in its expanded form for the first time on the 18th. Initial responses have been encouraging and I will feed back on outcomes after the event. 7. Dental Nurse Cadet Scheme – the Deanery are launching a new scheme – details to follow. 8. Meeting minutes on the website – we are now starting to post these for all to see – it will give a more in depth feedback to support my summaries. 9. We have taken a number of issues forward on behalf of practitioners and in order to do this we need feedback from you all so please do not hesitate to let me know about any problems or comments you may have and we will take these forward as the Lancs LDC Exec – email 10. Website – website usage is developing and there is recognition that it is an excellent way to disseminate information. Stuart Johnson does a great job at pulling it all together and we have a number of committees / networks / the Deanery with direct access. In order to access info in the best and most complete way you need to be registered so do it ASAP! REMEMBER - KEEP IN TOUCH – USE THE WEBSITE Just one more thing – never run from a police dog. Not that I have tried it but I have seen them in action. Where we stable our horse is just down the road from the Lancashire Police Dog Unit and they exercise and train the dogs on some of the land owned by Myerscough. The police guys are very pleasant but I can’t say the same for the dogs – they are fearsome and snarl and growl in the most intimidating manner – well they are supposed to I suppose. I am talking now as a dog owner and dog lover but am still very wary of what these dogs could do if you were to try and outrun them! So advice from me is – if chased by a police dog smile, make your peace with your maker and ensure you have your running spikes on!! Onwards and Upwards Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec Website News Hi all, I've just added the minutes from the LAT / LDC Exec Meeting. Please take a moment to have a read and send us your feedback. They're posted in the 'Library' once you've logged in. I'll be adding photo's and biographies for the LDC members - thanks to Zuber's camerawork - over the next few days. We'll be a bit easier to recognise if you see us at a course or event! As always, any problems or feedback on the website please do get in touch - Upcoming Courses Weds 27th Nov - IOTN Training course for GDPs - NW Deanery course at Royal Preston Hospital Education centre 6-8.30pm - for any GDPs who are seeking IOTN training, booking details through the NW Deanery website. Sat 1st March 2014 – Orthodontic Study Day for DCPs, 9am -1pm Tickled Trout Hotel, Preston – Study morning with NW Deanery for Orthodontic Dental Nurses and Therapists. It will include core Radiography and Cross Infection as well. So do let your staff know, and they need to keep a look out on the NW Deanery website for details of booking.