Hi all in Coastal, At the last LDC Meeting the Committee discussed recruitment and looked to increasing the size of the committee. We have identified 4 seats on the committee to which we wish to recruit. It is essential for the future of dental politics on the coast that we ensure continuity and although we do have some "rising stars" there are more old codgers who will be stepping down before too long! With this in mind please give some thought to applying for one of these seats. We are not specific about who can apply it is open to all dentists on the performer list. I suppose the question then is what is the commitment - well it does vary. The minimum would be to attend at least around 6 LDC meetings per year, but seriously we do need people prepared to do more than this in order to pick up the baton from existing LDC officers. It is difficult to put it all in an email so I shall be happy to speak to anyone who is interested to discuss further - just drop me an email and we will arrange a phone call when we can establish mutual availability Email is - If you are not registered on the website do it ASAP in order to have access to info as it arrives. Onwards and upwards Bernard Sec Lancs Coastal LDC