LDC Exec Newsletter

Hello Lancashire I thought it would be useful to recap as to where we are now and what we have achieved over the last few months. I would also like to outline some issues we are picking up as the Lancs LDC Exec on behalf of the dentists of Lancashire. 1. Firstly I would like to go over some terminology to ensure we all know what is being referred to It seems that the Lancashire Area Team ( LAT) now seems to be referred to more frequently as the just the Area Team or AT. Please look out for this when referenced. Also when we refer to the Exec we mean the Lancashire LDC Executive which is the group of LDC Officers from the three Lancashire LDCs which forms the liaison group with the AT. We have agreed a constitution for the Lancs LDC Exec and this has been accepted and acknowledged by the AT and NHS England. The three LDCs will continue as is; under their individual current arrangements. 2. LDC Aims - I did mention the LDC aims and objectives in previous communication and we do have the nine aims posted on the website. I am pleased to say that we are nearly there with securing these aims which were derived from feedback from grass roots dentists across the patch. 3. QIPP is something you may have heard about but to explain - it stands for Quality / Innovation / Performance / Prevention - the emphasis from central government though is quite firmly based around performance or productivity. Basically this centrally driven scheme has been around for a while but is simply saying to Area Teams across the country - be innovative and save money. Fair enough but where will the savings go? I did write some time ago, on behalf of the Exec, to Jackie Forshaw who is head of Primary Care at the AT. Reassurances have come back that so long as the AT can balance their books overall then any savings made from dentistry will be re-invested in dentistry locally. We will wait and see on developments but it is a constant item on the liaison agenda.

4. IOTN assessments as part of Ortho referrals - a number of practitioners have expressed concerns re the time taken to complete the paperwork associated with Ortho referrals and the need for an IOTN assessment to be done by the GDP. Concerns have also been expressed around the medico-legal aspect of the refusal of a marginal referral based on a GDP's IOTN assessment. We have taken this to the AT and it is being looked at in conjunction with the Orthodontic Network from whence the referral pathway originated. The question being asked is can we have a more simple process or should there be some adjustment in funding to reimburse GDPs for their time. 5. Post Needlestick assessment / treatment / PEP etc - this is something I personally am taking on board and working with Nick Barkworth at the AT to get a definitive and agreed pathway and appropriate treatment provision from end point providers - be this Occupational Health or A&E depts. The service provision has to be consistent across the county and completely watertight. Again we are getting there but it does take some time when we are dealing with so many different organisations. Oh and just one more thing - "angry drivers" - we all come across them in day to day driving and I have been investigating which drivers of which type of cars are the most common "angry drivers" My research has revealed that the top three cars driven in an angry fashion are 1. VW Golf - no surprise there I suppose 2. Audi hatchbacks 3 . Small Peugeots I don't know if I attract them more than anybody else but driving a four wheel drive car seems to encourage them to overtake you for whatever reason. What some of these types don't seem to realise is that four wheel drives nowadays are not exactly slow and our angry boys do often end up with egg on their face! That's all for now - remember KEEP IN TOUCH - USE THE WEBSITE Onwards and Upwards Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec

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