Bernard's News Hello Lancashire We had the LDC / LAT (Local Area Team) Liaison meeting and the LDN (Local Dental Network) meeting this week. There were no major developments but I will update you with what there is. 1. Minor Oral Surgery Service (MOSS) - set to roll out across Central Lancs from 11th November. To engage with Central Lancs dentists there will be a couple of Engage Events on 4th and 7th November. Venue is the Marriott Preston. Details will be forthcoming from the LAT to all dentists in Central. The East Lancs Scheme will continue as is and the intention is for the Service to become County Wide in its new format sometime in the New Year. Please note these meetings are intended for Central Lancs only at present. As usual all information regarding MOSS will be posted on the LDC Website 2. Developments involving the complicated network structures are progressing with a good response to the expressions of interest for the Routine Care Network. The intention is to have a couple of further Engage Events hosted by the LAT to fully engage and inform the profession as to where we are at in the modern dental commissioning landscape. More info on this when it emerges 3. Website - again we are developing this further and in the near future minutes of meetings such as LDC / LAT liaison and Local Dental Network will be posted on the website. We are also linking in with the Deanery to ensure all information regarding courses etc will be there for all to see. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS RESOURCE AND REGISTER ASAP!! 4. Needlestick - again work is progressing on this and we hope soon to have a full pathway developed linking in with Occupational Health Services and A&E across the county to ensure that these services are available to our dentists when they are needed. More on this as it develops Please don't forget - if you need me to pick up any issues for you do not hesitate to drop me an email - if you need to speak to me please leave your contact number and best time to ring. Just one more thing - food packaging - how complicated and difficult do they want to make it? I consider myself to be reasonably fit and able however getting into some bottles / shrink wrapped packets / things in plastic trays is incredibly difficult. It normally ends up as a heave ho and after many expletives the damn thing bursts open and goes all over the floor!! How do people manage if they have arthritis or other conditions that reduce their ability to open packets. The other thing that is annoying is when you buy a packet of something like pain killers which should have 16 tablets in it and you open it to find some nasty little thief has taken 8 of them out !!!! Never mind! Upwards and Onwards Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec Website Update Hi Everyone, The website is developing nicely, with more information being added regularly; it's turning in to a really useful resource! I'd like to invite Practice Managers to register too - everyone's welcome ;-) You're able to comment on Bernard's Blog Posts (These newsletters), and post in the Forum too. Just go to and click login / register. As always, if you're having any issues accessing the website please just email me Regards, Stuart