Newsletter & Ortho Protocols

Bernard's News Hello Lancashire As the new regime develops, there are emerging issues of an operational nature that have been causing problems for practitioners. I have taken some issues forward as they were raised, and realised the issues are widespread and affecting a number of people. The message is that if you have any issues / concerns that are outstanding drop me an email and I will pick it up with the LAT. I am in regular dialogue with them and we do have our regular liaison opportunities. To list a couple of recent ones:

  1. There have been problems with LASCA and performers list issues. Nick Barkworth is now aware of these, and is to pick them up with LASCA - which incidentally is now called the "Preston Primary Care Support Services" (who knows why!) If you do have any issues of this nature please do not hesitate to let me know and I will keep Nick updated.

  2. There were problems with DF1 payments and this should now have been resolved.

Once again it is useful to get a snapshot of issues across the county so please do let me know of any. On Tuesday we have the Lancs LDC/LAT Liaison meeting and on Thursday it is the Local Dental Network Meeting so if you have any issues you would like me to raise please let me know. Stuart will be uploading some information onto the website around Ortho Referrals so make sure you are registered to make the most of this channel of communication. As you may recall, Zuber Bagassi and his colleagues from the Synergy Dental Group Recently completed a charity climb of Ben Nevis in aid of the Bridge2Aid charity. They raised just over £3,000 and Zuber would like to thank all those who contributed - well done to Zuber!! Just one more thing - "Dog Walking Services" - one of our neighbours has their dog walked by a chap in a van and he turns up with a van load of dogs to either drop off or pick up. Strangely when I was on my travels the other day I came across him at a number of locations across the Fylde Coast. I would question whether he had time within his travels to actually exercise any of these dogs or does he simply drive them around dropping off and picking up? Begs the question doesn't it!! Remember use the website and "Keep in Touch" Upwards and Onwards Bernard Sec Lancs LDC Exec Website Update I've received a few files from the 'Lancashire Orthodontic Clinical Network' with regards to orthodontic referral protocols. These are now available on the website (go to, login, and click on Library) From 1st September, orthodontic referrals sent without the requisite referral form are likely to be returned to you. Brief information / update is in the letter - which is worth a read, and the referral forms are there to download. LOCN Letter to GDPs Aug 13 Ortho Transfer Cases Policy v3 Augl 13 A - North Lancs Proforma for Orthodontic referrals Aug 2013 B - Central Lancs & Fylde Coast Proforma for Orthodontic referrals Aug 2013 C- East Lancs Proforma for Orthodontic referrals Aug 2013 D - South Lancs Proforma for Orthodontic referrals Aug 2013 As always, if you're having any issues accessing the website please just email me Stuart