Lancs LDC Exec Newsletter

This week we have Bernard's Newsletter & Update from the Lancs LDC Exec, Website Update, and news about the roll-out of the Friends & Family Test by the Area Team.
Bernard's News

Hello LancashireBrief edition today; August has been a quiet month due to holidays etc. Nonetheless we have still made some ground1. New contract - this is now (predictably) stalling due to uncertainty at the centre and imminent elections etc. Suffice to say April 2015 seems to be slipping as a deadline. We will wait and see but it may be a blessing in disguise because there may have been a realisation at the centre that they can not afford to get it wrong again. We have the new contract as a permanent item on the liaison agenda and I will update you as to developments. As I have said previously all reports on new developments will need to be taken with the caveat that this is how it is reported to us as the LDC Exec and there is no guarantee there could not be a knee jerk reaction from the centre as we have seen before!2. Needlestick - treatment for needlestick incidents involving dentists and dental staff has been an issue across the county particularly in the East. We are working with the Lancashire Area Team to address these shortcomings and to establish a uniform agreement with our acute hospitals across the patch to provide a consistent approach to the process; particularly Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). We are gathering the Needlestick Policies from the Acute Trusts at present and there seems to be a common approach which is encouraging. What would help the process is if anyone has a Needlestick incident dealt with, either well or badly, please drop me an email so I can include it in the file. Email - As the Lancs LDC Exec we have places on the Performer Groups which review cases and influence the decision to take any action etc. what we intend to do is to start a section on the website to highlight potential problem areas and offer advice to assist practitioners in avoiding getting into any difficult situations. Make sure you look out for it on the Website4. Website - the Website is hosted by Lancs Coastal but is there to serve the whole of the county so please make sure you get registered. We are expanding the content as new developments / policies / procedures etc come into place and we will also have info about the developments in the Minor Oral Surgery Service across the County. Besides the info we put on as the Lancs LDC Exec we have reference documents directly from the Area Team. In order to ensure good communication in these changing times it is essential that everyone is registered with the website in order to access the information. Once you are logged in, just choose 'Library' from the menu.Just one more thing - if you happen to drive past any Motor Retailer that sells four wheel drive vehicles then you will inevitably see one of these vehicles stuck up in the air on a load of rocks presumably to demonstrate what you might get up to if you had one. Having been a four wheel drive vehicle driver for 10 years now I have never had the inclination to take any of mine onto such dramatically bad terrain. Am I boring or just sensible and don't wish to be taking it in to have the underside replaced having ripped it off my driving over a load of rocks. No doubt they would say " well you shouldn't really have been up there should you"Upwards and onwardsBernardSec Lancs LDC Exec

Website Update

Hi all,I've just updated the website with documents from the LAT re the Friends & Family test (read about it below) and also a flyer for the Orthodontic IOTN course in Lancaster on the 10th September.I've also received the first registrant for the Locum-Dentist list which I will make available over the next few days… If you work as a Locum and would like to be added to the list then please email me a brief resume and contact information.The website is at on Login / Register. If you haven't already registered it only takes a few minutes...Regards,Stuart

Friends & Family Test

From: "Harrison Glenn (NHS ENGLAND)" <> Date: 28 August 2013 10:23:29 GMT+01:00 To: "Alston Bernard (FCMS)" <> Cc: "Gough Stephen (NHS ENGLAND)" <> Subject: RE: Friends and Family Test - next phase of implementation PRIMARY CARE Hi Bernard, You will no doubt have heard about the introduction of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) into acute hospital trust’s A & E and ward based services. The basis of the FFT is that all those who have accessed a service would be asked a basic question as to how likely they would be to recommend the service to their friends and family. There is then a supplementary question which is asked e.g. What is the reason for your answer? This is intended to provide information to help drive improvements. At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest to become early adopter sites in primary care. I’m aware that there are currently places available for dentists. If a dental practice wished to express an interest, then I would submit their details and further information would be issued advising what would be expected through the pilot and the practice would then be asked if they wished to become an early adopter site. Please see e-mail below providing further information. I also attach some information on the background to the FFT question which I think helps to put this into context and the guidance for introduction of FFT into primary care. Would you be able to circulate this message to dental practices in Lancashire inviting expressions of interest? The initial deadline has now been extended, but I would be grateful to receive any expressions of interest asap. If you would like any further information or ask any questions around this please don’t hesitate to contact me. Many thanks for your help, Glenn Glenn Harrison Patient Experience Manager NHS England Lancashire Area Team Preston Business Centre / Watling Street Road / Fulwood / Preston / PR2 8DY Tel: 01772 214054 E-Mail: Dear Colleagues, National roll out of NHS Friends and Family Test across all workstreams As you will be aware, responsibility for implementation of the NHS Friends and Family Test (NHS FFT) recently (1st April 2013) passed from the Department of Health to NHS England (previously the NHS Commissioning Board). The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) has a timeline for delivery of FFT into the majority of care Pathways by 2015. They include: · Acute Inpatients and A&E (implementation already in place) · Maternity (guidance attached for info) · Outpatients and Day Cases · Primary care including GP Practices, Dental Practices and Pharmacy Providers · Mental Health and Community Health The Maternity Guidance is published this week with formal reporting for 1st October 2013. The responsibility for the implementation of FFT across the healthcare economy will be increasingly at a local level and consequently I am keen to begin to identify which of our providers across Lancashire would be willing to be early adopters of the FFT in the following areas: · Outpatients and Day Cases · Primary care including GP Practices, Dental Practices and Pharmacy Providers · Mental Health and Community Health There will be a further area of work that will be focusing on specialist areas including under 16's, cognitive impairment and vulnerable groups. This will cut across the other workstreams and the exact nature of this is yet to be determined. I would be grateful if you could begin to scope out any interest there is in being an early adopter with your providers so that we are prepared to present the areas that Lancashire will be able to lead on. The Lancashire Area Team are hoping for a provider in each of the pathways highlighted above so that we can draw on their experience to roll out the programme within the timeline of 2015. Please can you let me know of any providers who are expressing an interest by the 14th June 2013. Many thanks Susan Warburton Assistant Director (Patient Experience) NHS England - Area Team (Lancashire) Room 206 Preston Business Centre Watling Street Road Preston PR2 8DY Tel: 01772 214471 Mobile: 07810155361 Email: