Zuber Fundraising, and Newsletter

Zuber / Synergy Dental's Fundraising A group of 6 of us will shortly be doing a charity climb up Ben Nevis to support Bridge2Aid. The group includes dentists from our Synergy branches and a fitness instructor (to keep us going!) We have supported many charities before but this is the 1st dental one that helps train local healthcare workers in Africa to actually take care of their own local patients rather than always relying on external charities. Bridge2Aid aims to roll out the charity programme helping other communities in the same way across the globe... a plan that is sustainable and more longterm. We are aiming for a 6 hour round trip, so we've been training hard for it. Your support will be very much appreciated, please donate by visiting Regards Zuber LDC Exec Newsletter Hello Lancashire Update on recent events so far; It is historically fairly quiet over August due to holidays etc but there have been some new developments. 1. The Local Area Team (LAT) is now called the Lancashire Area Team. Small change but just for clarity. If you do ring up the phone will probably be answered "NHS England." Best way to contact though is via email to and you will receive a call back. Please bear in mind that the "Team" is of limited numbers so please be patient! 2. Coming soon will be correspondence about year end. This letter and process has been run past the Lancs LDC Exec at the recent Liaison meeting and merely reflects national policy. As I have included in previous newsletters the year 12/13 is as usual but for 13/14 there will be changes (this is all detailed in the correspondence that is coming out so I will not go into it now). If you are concerned about anything contained in the letter do not hesitate to drop me an email on Within the "pack" that will be sent out will be details around a range of other information; again if there is anything you are unclear about drop me an email or contact the LAT on the email stated in (1.) 3. A Network will be set up within the commissioning structure called the Routine Care Network. This group will be recruiting grass roots GDPs so please look out for the letter informing you of the situation. This post will be open to ALL dentists whether Practice Principles or Associates. The Routine Care Network will be tasked with directing the delivery of both Routine Scheduled High St Dental Services and Unscheduled Care Dentistry 4. Minor Oral Surgery Service (MOSS) - this is now moving on apace with the Central Lancs Service set to come on-line soon. A further development to include a Lancashire wide service will follow in due course. I will keep you all informed via this newsletter but we will also be posting regular comprehensive updates directly from commissioners on the Lancs Coastal Website. If you are not registered please visit and click 'login or register'. 5. It has been flagged up by a number of practitioners that access to locum dentists in times of need would be useful. With this in mind we are going to host details of dentists prepared to offer locum services. If you are interested in going on the list as a dentist prepared to carry out locum services please drop Stuart an email detailing as follows; a. Brief CV, b. Geographic area where you are prepared to work, c. Available time We will get this up and running once we have some responses in... Just one more thing - what is it about Royal Mail that drives me mad? Well I firstly cannot understand why they have to make life so complicated. If we get parcels delivered by other carriers they simply leave it by the back door if we are not in - not so Royal Mail - they return it to the sorting office and you have to pick it up from some surly individual behind the counter that has had a personality / customer care by-pass. It may improve when they get privatised you never know! I did have a conversation with our postman who said they now were not delivering in certain areas because of the seagulls - are we serious! Upwards and Onwards (post permitting) Bernard Secretary Lancs Area Exec