Dental Commissioning Roadshow Meeting on 31st July and Procedures

Update from the Dental Commissioning Roadshow Meeting on 31st July

On 31st July the Lancs LDC Exec by invitation from the Lancashire Area Team attended the National Dental Commissioning Roadshow Event in Manchester. Attending from the LDC Exec were Mike Jolly / Andy Cow (Central), Ralph Pickup (East) and John Edwards / Mike Cheadle / Yours Truly (Coastal)I would have to say the event did not answer the questions re the new contract and unfortunately was rather vague around the issues of timescales/contract direction/patients charges etc etc!I have included an agenda (at the end of the newsletter) for the day to illustrate what was discussed. We were all involved in group discussions around Oral Surgery Services and Care for Vulnerable Patients which will feed into national developments but there was no real meat to be digested in terms of the future and the new GDS contract. We did all complete a questionnaire around our suggestions as to priorities and it is intended that this feedback will influence policy (been there before though!)We did have an outline of the “National Vision for Dentistry” and the new structures to deliver it from the commissioning perspective but was has to be addressed is that from the Profession’s perspective the new contract must both enable and enthuse dentists to deliver the “National Vision for Dentistry” or the whole thing will fail! This was passed on through feedback.What has been coming across is that there is unlikely to be a "Big Bang" when the new contract comes into being but rather a gradual progressive development. The common theme throughout the day was that there are only a limited number of people within NHS England to carry out both the work on the new contract and also to manage those contracts once in place.There will be an inclusion of Dentistry in the "Friends and Family Test". This is the process that asks patients "Would you recommend this ward/service/GP/GDP to your friends and family" and is currently being rolled out across the NHS. The intention is that this would be done on a monthly basis! We do already get surveyed to an extent through the BSA patient survey so I suppose it is not that alien to us. I do feel though that we are being included in something that was instigated to pick up failing acute services.So was it a worthwhile event? All I can say is that we needed to be there to pick up on the current developments but really there was no hard information available about anything! Whether we will get the new contract underway by April 2015 is still unclear.I will have to add the strong caveat to the content of this newsletter re the new contract that we can only report on information as it is reported to us and have been here before; with a direction of travel and then a contract totally divorced from that direction of travel, or feedback from pilots has been put in place to satisfy political requirements so please don’t take what we report on as being “cast in stone”. As always we will feedback information from the Exec as it happens so keep an eye on the website and communications coming through Stuart.Locally we are fortunate to have an excellent working relationship between the Lancs LDC Exec and the Lancashire Area Team (LAT). There is a common understanding within the LAT of the needs of us as dentists and a genuine desire to “get it right” which is encouraging and means we will be able to make the best of the situation.There is an LDC/LAT Liaison meeting coming up on Wed 14th August and as you know I include “Questions from the Profession” within that agenda. Please feel free to email me any questions you may have and I will include it and feedback. Contact email is and OnwardsBernardSec Lancs LDC Exec

Procedure Information from the Local Area Team & Website Update

Hi all,I've had some information from Emma Bellamy (Primary Care Commissioning Support, Area Team (Lancashire), NHS England about their procedures with regard to Partnerships, and Relocation of Premises. She has also given me a Schedule of their Contracting and Commissioning Meetings. These are all now available on the Coastal-LDC Website at log-in and click on 'Library' where you will find all of the reference documents referred to in the newsletters. If you're not registered yet, just click on register; it only takes a few minutes to fill in your details.Also, if you know anyone who would benefit from these newsletters and doesn't get them already, please ask them to email so that I can include them in the newsletter list.Regards,Stuart

Dental Commissioning Roadshow Agenda (31st July 2013)

Dental CommissioningNew ways of working Manchester – 31st July 2013Midlands Hotal, Manchester

9.30 am


10.00 am


Barry Cockcroft

10.15 am

Delivering the vision

David Geddes

10.30 am

What are the structures?

Sandra White

10.40 am

Commissioning the continuum of dental care

Serbjit Kaur

11.00 am


11.30 am

Oral Surgery care pathway

Colette Bridgeman

12.00 am12.30

Activity 1.Friends and family test

Andrew MacPherson

12.40 am


1.30 pm

Summary Feedback

1.40 pm

Task Group: Commissioning dental services for people in vulnerable or hard to reach groups

Janet Clarke

2.00 pm

Activity 2

2.30 pm


3.00 pm

Summary Feedback

3.10 pm

Contract reform

Elizabeth Lynam

3.30 pm

Preparing the workforce

Nicholas Taylor

3.50 pm

Next steps

David Geddes

4.00 pm



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