Afternoon Out There! Making myself come inside and put this together is a challenge on such a lovely day but want to keep the information flowing! (by the way I wrote this on Sunday afternoon in case it is raining on Tuesday when you get it and you think I have gone mad!) This is a shorter than normal newsletter due to me having just returned from a week away in the Yorkshire Dales where we were fortunate to have excellent weather. There is nothing like this country if only the weather would hold up! We managed to walk an awful long way and introduce our new puppy Staffie to swimming for the first time. I was not tempted to join her as it wasn't that warm! Anyway, what is happening 1. Wednesday is the LAT/Exec Liaison Meeting and as you know we have a section " Questions from the Profession - if you do have anything you wish us to ask on your behalf please drop me an email on and we will ask it. I can take questions right up to 2.00 on Wed so feel free to contact me. To date we have a question on the situation regarding goodwill in practices following the new contract. As usual I will feedback to you all following the Wed meeting. 2. LDC representation - we have managed to secure a good LDC representation on the numerous networks and groups within the emerging NHS England Local Area Team and have a guarantee that all new directive / Operating Procedures etc will be communicated first to us as the Lancs LDC Exec for discussion. Representation on the networks / groups is spread across the three LDCs to give a total Lancashire input. Besides the Local Dental Network one of the key areas on which we have representation is the performance / governance groups which look into poor performance / possible disciplinary action and it has always been a concern that we do have sensible LDC input at an early stage in order to avoid any potential "rash action". We are ahead of the game compared to other areas and whilst this is nothing new it is an essential element of ensuring that all Lancashire dentists are looked after 3. New contract - we have this as a standard agenda item and it is something that is now only approx 22 months off so needs to be addressed as a matter of the utmost importance. We have been there before with pilots etc that turn out an outcome that bears no resemblance to the pilots! What is essential is that we all know what is happening, what the consequences are to dental businesses and letting you all know the facts. As we have said before the role of the LDCs is to protect dental businesses and we have nailed our colours to the mast to that effect. 4. Feedback - I do get feedback from a number of you out there but please do not hesitate to drop me an email about anything and between the members of the Lancs LDC Exec we will get you an answer That's all for now folks Upward and onward