LDC Exec Newsletter

Morning Campers!! Well a bit of decent weather does us no harm! In these troubled times it seems we never get decent Bank Holiday weather - don't rush to get the barbecue out as it will not last!!! What I would like to do this week is to paint a landscape of where we are at present and where we expect to be over the next year or two. The new commissioning structure known as the Local Area Team (LAT) sat as the local arm of the National Commissioning Board (or NHS England as it is known as this week!)is now settling in and starting to look at how the central instructions coming down from NHS England are to be interpreted. It does seem there will be a number of Centrally driven initiatives which may have to be implemented in their entirety by the LAT but we, as the LDC Exec will be campaigning to ensure local legacy deals are maintained - this was, as you may remember, one of the aims and objectives of the profession in Lancs. On the horizon needless to say is the new contract in 2015 and we need to get focused on what is going to come our way in the future. The pilots have been running for a while but it wouldn't be a surprise if the outcome of these were ignored and something else put in place! (been there got the t-shirt!) What we are keen to do as the LDC Exec is to get the LAT to focus on the new contract and ensure we get the best possible outcome locally (that is if we have any local flexibility). What we will do is to work closely with the LAT and the profession to ensure everyone knows where they are and how the new contract can be worked in the practice environment to secure dental businesses into the future. As we have said on numerous occasions the LDCs are here to look after the interests of dentists and to ensure their businesses remain viable into the future. We do have a good working relationship with the LAT and the business viability message will be communicated strongly. Those of you in the old North West Lancs days will remember the roadshows we put on jointly involving LDC and PCTs around the (current) new contract and how we could make it work in the practice environment - we will adopt the same process again across the County. It is essential that we concentrate our efforts on the future and not the past so too much time spent tweaking the old contract is time wasted. So what is likely to happen over the next two years - well I would think it would need to include:- 1. Consolidation of LAT structure and formulation of working relationships with dentists and LDC 2 Establishment of the Local Dental Network to guide commissioning direction 3. Final operational decisions around how the current contract should be managed in its final days by the LAT 4. Interpretation of central instructions eg new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) around things like year end and incorporarion - these central SOPs will be uploaded onto the LDC website so make sure you have registered 5. Work by specialist networks such as the Orthodontic and Special Care networks around pathways and further development of Minor Oral Surgery Tier2 services across the county 6. Working up the new contract model for 2015 It is obvious that there is precious little time over what is only 22 months to get everything in place for the new contract! Hence the common sense in not dwelling too much on the old one. We will keep this issue live on our liaison agendas Other updates 1. There has been some work done on IOTN processes by the Local Orthodontic Network and there will be something coming out from the LAT around training, new referral pathways and appeals processes. IOTN courses have been arranged in Preston on 6/6/13 and in Lancaster on 10/9/13 - Flyers are available on our website (Login, then click on 'Library') and should also be on the Deanery website too. 2.Single handed/Smaller Practices - I have had some feedback from dentists wishing to get a link group going but we do need a greater response to get it up and running. Please email me if you wish to get involved - the agenda would be driven by the group and supported by both the LDC and the LAT - email We have also set up 'members' lounge' on our website for the professional community to get together 'virtually' - please pop on and say Hi! That's all for now folks - have a good Bank Holiday weekend Bernard