LDC Exec News

Hi All Hope this finds you well! Some changes have happened re the "Rant" following a conversation amongst the Lancs LDC Exec last Wed. Just to remind everyone, we formed the Lancashire LDC Executive some two years ago. The Lancs LDC Exec consists of any combination of the Chair/Sec/Treasurer of each of the three LDCs (Central/East/Coastal). We will be keeping the three LDCs in their current form but the purpose of the Exec is to form a liaison team to meet with commissioners. To put names to titles this is John Edwards, Andy Cow, Ralph Pickup, Mike Cheadle, Phil Gale, Mike Jolly and yours truly. Our role is to ensure dentists best interests are maintained at all times as the commissioning intentions become known. So- what has happened this week? 1. LDC/Local Area Team Liaison - we had the monthly liaison meeting last Wed and all is going reasonably well. Good news to come out of this meeting is that we are to have a Dental Practice Adviser input into the Local Area Team. This will only be for two days in total per week but is at least a step in the right direction. The role of the DPA will be around Clinical Governance/Performers List/advice re complaints etc. There is some movement around Occupational Health Services for dentists but this is at the moment a mixed bag of news - I will update you more when the news is definitive. Same again on appraisal - there is some progress but I will update more fully when the news is definite. There have been some Central Policies and Agreements which have come down to the local teams and the intention is that these will be uploaded onto the Lancs Coastal website for you all to access as you need to. we are working with commissioners on this through Stuart Johnson. There has been some relaxation on year end processes in that it now seems that from this year on there will be an allowance of 2% over-performance that can be carried over (at one time there was to be no allowance of carry over of over-performance). The usual 4% under-performance rule will still apply. The recruitment process for the "Wet Fingered" dental rep on the Local Dental Network is moving forward. I will ensure you all know with plenty of notice when this is happening so anyone interested can apply. 2. Website update - as you will gather from the item above we are looking to upload a considerable amount of useful information onto the website. The website is hosted by Lancs Coastal but will be available across the county. To register all you have to do is go to and enter a few details! There will be a load of stuff to go on from a commissioning perspective and LDC perspective so please do make use of this free resource; they will be added to the 'Library' page as Stuart receives them. 3. Central influence - John Edwards - who many of you will already know - is on the General Dental Practice Committee of the BDA and is therefore able to take issues forward to where they need to go. John has already taken issues forward from the Lancs LDC Exec. Please let me know if there are any issues you wish to be taken forward and we will do so That's all for now folks Upwards and Onwards