Bernard's Lancashire Rant

Hi All What a wonderful day we are having today. The central heating is back on, the gas fire is on full, all the windows are shut and it is still cold. Ahh the wonders of the English Spring. Well it is only May!!! Lets talk about something different! 1. LDC/LAT (Local Area Team - Commissioners) - we have the monthly LDC/LAT Liaison meeting on Wed. This is the opportunity for us to take questions from the Profession to the Commissioning team and get a response. The LDC run the meeting, it is Chaired by John Edwards and Secretarial duties are picked up by yours truly. This gives us the chance to drive forward issues of interest to us as dentists. I did circulate the 9 LDC Aims and Objectives for comment last week and there were no suggestions of any amendments so we will run with them as is. If you want to refer to them they are on the Website - more on that later. I do have some questions from the profession to take forward around MOSS payments and access to NHS dentistry by patients from the EU. If anyone out there would like to raise a question please drop me an email on and I will put it forward. You can do this up until the last minute (14.00 Wednesday 15th May) as I will pick it up on my iPad. What I will then do is respond to you directly following the conversation with commissioners and feed it back anonymously via the "Lancashire Rant" Please feel free to ask anything you wish - there is no such thing as a daft question!! 2. Single Handed Practitioners - one of the issues discussed at recent Liaison meetings has been encouraging links between single handed practitioners. As the Lancs LDC Exec we offered to host this offer via the Website. Therefore what I need is to establish if there is any interest out there from any of you who are single handed or are part of smaller practices that would wish to engage with like minded people. If you are please let me know and I will facilitate some sort of egroup link / get together etc whatever seems best for all. Please feel free to email me at 3. Appraisals - in case anyone is unaware Dental Appraisal has been put on hold for a while pending a decision on funding. It has not gone for good and I will update you all on progress (it is one of the things we discuss at the Liaison) I have had questions from one or two people about carrying out scheduled appraisals - please do nothing until funding is re-established 4. Website access - we now have the Website up and running to support dentists across the county. The Website is hosted by Lancashire Coastal LDC and is run by Webmaster Stuart Johnson. Although the website is hosted by Lancs Coastal it will operate across the County. It needs to be said at this point that there is no intention to combine the LDCs into a Lancashire wide committee. Those of us who remember the old Lancashire LDC will remember how remote and distant it was - a massive difference from the local committees which are able to keep good communication channels in place with practitioners. The three committees come together as the Lancashire LDC Executive in order to liaise with commissioners. part of this process, as I keep going on about, is the need for good communication and feedback between LDC and dentists. The website will help with this and we are also working with commissioners to develop an information board for all dentists to access. The website is - you will need to register the first time you use it - just press 'Join this site' on the menu; This is because we want it accessible to the profession rather than the public. Don't worry - it only takes a few minutes to do! 5. Abbreviations - I did recently get pulled up for using jargon such as LAT, NCB, MOSS etc so thought it would be an idea to put something on the website to help with translation if needed - this will be coming soon. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS/MAKE ANY COMMENTS/MAKE ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ANY TIME - THE MORE THE MERRIER!! - email is Anyway, that's all for now I am going to go and turn the heating up! Upwards and Onwards