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Bank Holiday Rant

Hi All Better weather for the Bank Holiday. Just got back from riding the horse and walking the dog and planted yet another load of bulbs in the garden - lets hope they are the right way up! I don't know why we ride horses though - it does seem a daft thing to do in these modern times when we do not need them for transport, and it never ceases to amaze me how a relatively small human being can control such a large animal. Key to this is a small piece of metal placed in a strategic gap between the incisors and the molars. This space, present in all horses for whatever reason, is how we manage to ride them. Bits come in many shapes and sizes to perform a variety of functions and the subject is a science in itself. It does however mean that Clare, who is only seven and a half stone can ride Lexi who weighs in at three quarters of a ton!! Any way back to reality and the current update. 1. Appraisal payments - for those of you across the county who have been involved in appraisal, payments should have now come through for claims submitted before the end of March. If you still have payments outstanding then let me know and I will chase it up for you 2. Support for the profession - there has been much discussion at Liaison Groups around ensuring that dentists get the support they need to do the job (eg DPA/Appraisal/Peer review/Audit) and I do feel we are making some progress. Some two years ago we canvassed you all for aims and objectives which we needed to pursue as your LDC to make sure support is put in place for us as dentists. I revamped this for the commissioners recently and submitted it into the process; The 2013 version is on our website at (you will need to register for the website). What I would like to suggest is that we all revisit this and add/delete/modify as appropriate. This list of Aims and Objectives can then be pursued with the Local Area Team (Commissioners) by us as the LDC. Please feel free to comment as suggested and then I can produce a substantive document from the dental profession in Lancashire. We can then get this on the website (see next item) 3. Website - over at Lancs Coastal we have set up a website courtesy of our Webmaster, Stuart Johnson. Stuart is a member of Lancs Coastal LDC and a GDP in Hest Bank near Lancaster. What we need to do is to get this working across the county. We have agreed joint working with the LAT (commissioners) to post a raft of information for dentists to access and therefore make life easier! We are just waiting to get the full list of email contacts from across the county and then Stuart can arrange for you all to get access. In these crucial developmental times communication is key and a website is an essential part of that process As always please feel free to ask anything or make any comment back to me and I will ensure it is addressed Upwards and Onwards Bernard


Our Website is now up and running at, ready for your comments and feedback on the LDC aims and objectives. You will need to register to use it but don't worry; it only takes a couple of minutes. Information and documents will be added as I receive them, and should be available to you immediately. If you have any suggestions or info you would like to make available, feel free to send it me ;-) If you wish to change your email settings (plain text / html) or unsubscribe you can do it through the website. If you know anyone who's missing out on this email then just get them to register for the website so they can be added to the mailing list. Regards, Stuart

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