Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

"Our profession set an early benchmark for diversity and our patients have always benefited from the care provided by a profession which has attracted individuals from different backgrounds and identities. In the various debates and welcome discussions prompted by Black Lives Matter, the very personal accounts of discrimination and bias, both conscious and unconscious, revealed that the fault lines that traverse society are equally evident in our profession.

Our conversations ranged from the lack of role models and peer support, to ways of acknowledging identity, recognition of the lived experience, the friction of ignorance and arrogance of privilege through to examples of opportunities denied. Many individuals spoke about the time and energy spent censoring themselves and an inability to truly be themselves. The uncomfortable home truth is that whilst we may have diversity in dentistry there is not true equality. As a profession we are not as inclusive as we may wish to believe. Our journey is incomplete; we must re-visit and test our benchmarks for trust, equality, fairness and inclusion."

Sara Hurley

Chief Dental Officer

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